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apps not working

Hey all


Had a new box installed this last week and since then one of the apps will work so I cant yuse bbc iplayer etc.  Not sure if I have the V6 or 360 box after the engineer said I was on v6 but should have been upgarded to 360.  As per usual trying to get through to tech help is just to long winded whilst they are using covid as an excusxe to have fewer paid indian employees.  So I have turned off the box and retried with no success.  Iplayer is showing an A01 code as an error the rest just return to the apps page.

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Re: apps not working

Have you followed the online advice for tv-error-codes/a01 ?

Step 1 - Check your wire connections

You'll need to check that your TV box is connected correctly. Make sure the white cable coming out of your TV box is firmly connected. 

If your TV box is connected to your hub make sure the white wire going into your hub is also tightly connected. Your hub should also be in the upright position.

Step 2 - Connect to your Virgin Media Service

Using your TV box remote:

  1. Select the home button
  2. Use the directional buttons to select Help & Settings
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Network
  5. Select Connection in progress: get status or Connect to the Virgin Media Service now

If that fails then you need to contact the VM Faults team on 150 from a Virgin landline, or 0345 454 1111, options 1,1 and 2 (Faultsbut best to call at 8am to avoid call queues as it will probably need an engineer visit.

When calling Faults you will get the automated response asking you to press 1 for the link to online support, perform tests, reboot etc. Ignore the options and don't press any buttons then you should be placed into a queue and an agent should pick up the phone and resolve the problem.

You could also try the text messaging service. Just send  a text with a description of TV Faults to 07533 051809. Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible. It may take a few days. 


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Re: apps not working

You can check which platform you're running, here 

If you're running a TiVo or V6. the "TiVo" logo is in the top-right of the home screen when you press "Home" on the remote.

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