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Why Do I Have to Fix Virgin's Mistakes?

Okay, long saga since last Saturday, a brief synopsis of which is that our Tivo box broke on 29/07/17, had lots of discussions about why we can't upgrade to a V6 because our broadband is with Virgin Business, they couldn't replace our 1TB box as they don't do them anymore, so had to downgrade us to a 500GB box. Engineer turned up without any Tivo boxes, not allowed to put in a V6 he has got because of the issue with the broadband being on VB so leaves, taking our Tivo box with him.

Phone customer services, they agree to refund the additional money we paid for having a 1TB box and send out a new 500gb box. Today TWO boxes arrive - because not only does VM not speak to VB, but VM customer service doesn't speak to VM faults and both had ordered boxes!!! Phone up VM to say have two boxes they say we have to send one back. They don't send couriers to pick it up so we have to go and take it to a corner shop in the middle of a very very rough estate that I wouldn't feel comfortable going to without an armed guard, or take it into a city centre shopping precinct where parking is going to cost about £10 for an hour!! And if I don't send it back they with CHARGE ME £80 for the box! After a lot of arguing I have 3 months to arrange to get this back to them BUT they consider this 'fixing the issue'. 

How exactly is my being inconvenienced to send a box back that we didn't order but was sent by Virgin by mistake them fixing the issue????? My putting myself out to to take this somewhere to be sent back is surely ME fixing THEIR mistake? 

What has anyone else experienced with this sort of thing? Personally it feels to me that Virgin do not give a monkey's about their customers and just want to make us pay for their mistakes. 

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Re: Why Do I Have to Fix Virgin's Mistakes?

Hi JaneR66


Welcome to the Community, I'm sorry for the inconvenience you've experienced with your service recently.


There are lots of places where Collect+ is available so if the two places you've described aren't accessible, then try and find another that is on [this link]


I hope this helps



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Re: Why Do I Have to Fix Virgin's Mistakes?

Since 2000 the regulations surrounding this type of occurrence have changed. Before 1st November 2000, the law stated that the company that sent out any unsolicited goods received before this date had to be notified. The sender was then responsible for collecting the items within 30 days. After six months the receivers would be able to claim the unsolicited goods as their own.

Essentially, because you have not ordered the goods, they could be viewed as unsolicited goods, which is where the changes to the above statement become relevant.

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) states that under the Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1971, (as amended) it is an offence to demand payment for goods known to be unsolicited.

This basically means that if you have received items without previously requesting them you cannot be billed for the items. You did not choose to enter into a contract with the seller to receive or pay for this item. Because you had actually ordered goods from the company and they sent you extra items in error, you have a duty to return them as they're not strictly unsolicited.

You have no obligation to pay for return.

As the receiver, you have no obligation to pay for the return costs of the goods if they are unwanted. If the company does demand payment for return costs, report them to your local Trading Standards Department.

Inform the company of the mistake, (you have) and wait to hear back from them (again you have). They should send you details of how to return the item with minimal inconvenience and no cost.

As it stands you will have to make every effort to return the item and at least they have given you 3 months to do so. It must be possible for you to do this without incurring any financial outlay, apart from your time of course.

Just remember, it is an offence to demand payment for goods known to be unsolicited!

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