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Who can i talk to who can actually get something done about a bodged installation. Shocking service!

Hi is there someone you can talk to in virgin media who has the ability to get something done about a new installation? (not the pre install team just looking at a diary!)

So far shocking customer service after a botched install. An engineer was booked to install services on the 4th and couldnt because a new cable needed to be pulled to the property. This would not have been to bad if they hadnt already known that! Which was clarified to us days earlier. Ok take that on the chin no problem we all mess up. Was told would be called to be given another date priority since they botched the first install. No phone call. Ok ill call you then! Apparently cable pulling team booked to carry out work on sunday and an engineer booked to install the equipment same day. Wow dont i feel special just wait at home they’ll turn up before 6pm. Ok and we have a no show again.....😫
Following day I call again. Its all booked in for today. Ok lets try again and no show......😫
Tuesday no warning someone turns up to pull the cable. Progress is progress lucky my wifes home😉!
Sir your a priority someone will be along after I’ve pulled this cable to install the equipment. Hmmm ok and can you guess what happened no one turned up again and no one called to say when the equipment would be installed. Well maybe someone will come tomorrow to install the equipment..nope. Lets call them again. No one is booked to come to your property at all sir earliest i can do is the 17th.
Priority? Really?
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Forum Team
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Re: Who can i talk to who can actually get something done about a bodged installation. Shocking s...

Hi AndyNick1, 


Welcome to the Forums and thanks for your post. I can only apologise that you've had a less than perfect journey since joining so far. 


It's not very often this happens however when it does happen, we try and get things moving as quickly as we can. 


Looking at the account I can see the repull has been done so we are ready to install you now. As frustrating as waiting can be, we can't get you an appointment any earlier as these have been booked for other customers on a first come, first serve kind of basis. 


We can only apologise regarding this. 


Come back and let us know how the install goes on Friday. 



Forum Team

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