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W02 error message and pixelation on some channels

I have 2 TV boxes and internet, connected through a three way spitter. (All as installed by Virgin)

I am getting pixellation and occasionally error code W02 on Channels, 5, Sky 1 and many others. BBC, ITV and some other channels are ok. This occurs on both boxes/TVs.

I have checked every connection thoroughly and rebooted both boxes several times to no effect.

I have disconnected all cables from the 3 way splitter and connected one TV cable directly (via a male to male connector), to the incoming cable. It then works perfectly.

I have replaced the 3 way splitter with an exact make/model but the problem persists so I am at a loss.

Internet is not affected (as I would expect)

I have tried to use the Virgin help line but keep being sent round in the usual endless circles with no answers or opportunity to explain.

Any help please?


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Re: W02 error message and pixelation on some channels

Hi B_W_1,


Thanks for your post. 


I'm sorry you've been having problems with your TV, getting error messages and pixellation. 


It looks like you've had a technician visit since posting, so I'm hoping things are now sorted out for you.


Please let me know how you got on and if you need any further help.





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