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Re: Virgin loyalty/New packages/leaving VM

@jbrennand wrote:

@HN234 wrote:

Yeah i will be recieving the sports package and sky cinema package aswell as calls anytime, the only thing i wont be receiving which is as good as virgin media is the broadband. The broadband will be skys fibre but i know that isnt as good as virgin media but in my area virgin can only deliver up to 200mb

Wow all that including BT sports for £46 that is a good deal.

From a quick play with the Sky Shop, I can get to "around" that figure, give-or-take without accounting for BT Sport. Once BT Sport is added on, the figures become a lot closer to a Virgin bundle, and I dare say the devil is in the detail.

I could of course be wrong, I've just had a flick around the sales site out of interest.

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