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V3 Hub rebooting


The Virgin Hub keeps rebooting randomly, had an engineer visit on Friday, who missed the time slot and arrived late, he said something about the internal wall box being old and need replacing which he did. When he left the router started to reboot again.  I called Virgin Media and was informed a router would be sent out to me on Sunday but nothing arrived. I called customer service this morning where she wanted to go through the whole test of the router again which I had done on previous calls and was informed the router delivery was cancelled with no explanation and the nearest appointment for another engineer visit would be tomorrow evening! This is frustrating as I am working from home and with poor broadband service since last Wednesday, how am I expected to work!!!

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Re: V3 Hub rebooting

Hi Shibli,


Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear you're still having this issue. 


Can you confirm have you checked over all the cables to ensure they are tightly connected?



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