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Re: V+ service ending August 2018?

I think it's more likely they're dangling the V6 carrot now to limit the number of customers they have to forcefully upgrade later on. The latest box swap activity for the SD V boxes, which ended only last week, said on the FAQ page "We're not replacing our TiVo, V+ or V HD boxes" and customers with those boxes weren't even eligible for the upgrade. I'd expect the letters to go out for the V+/V HDs later this year with maybe 31st Jan 2019 as the deadline. 2 weeks notice seems a bit harsh even for VM.

I think it's bad when a company lies so much and talks so much utter nonsense that customers can't trust a word they say.

Time will tell anyway...

TV: XL TV (V6 & V+ HD)
Broadband: VIVID 200
Phone: Talk Unlimited
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Re: V+ service ending August 2018?

I agree , it makes no sense to me why i would not have had a letter or email. The email i did get today does not seem to set up a new contract but is £10 more than i agreed to pay and is not the correct package - here we go with another 50 mins on the phone.

Feel like invoicing them for my time!

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Re: V+ service ending August 2018?

you are so right the one thing that became apparent very early on with virgin is their constant lying their prices change every time you speak to a different operator, " those you can understand as they are always foreigners " i will be soon buying a freeview box as i have no trust in virgin, my tv picture is constantly going off and on and i am constantly told just reboot your box...i do every day is the same

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