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Upgrading TV packages and freezing Sports

I recently received a discount on my packages for sports due to there not currently being any sport to watch, but then I upgraded my TV package. Does that mean the sports package discount will no longer apply? If so, how do I reapply for it, and will that discount be backdated to when I first applied?

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Re: Upgrading TV packages and freezing Sports

Looking at the page advertising the Ultimate Oomph package the discount won't be applied for sports. If I had just switched to that package I would call up and check, and if they say you can't have the discount I would ask to revert back to my previous package for now within the 14 day cooling off period ( unless the new package was less than I would be paying without the upgrade)

Hopefully because you were already receiving the discount it would continue. There has been a system error which stopped applying the discount, but posts say it's now been fixed.
"This bundle's sports channels aren't airing live sport. If you choose to buy now, you won't be able to
pause your subscription"


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