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Upgrade and unhappy experience

Where do I start. I have been a customer of Virgin for 6 years and have rarely utilised the same threats others do to renegotiate a much lower price, however on Saturday after having the 'green screen of death' appear on our TiVo box, I first called to report the fault. I was informed that in fact my hard drive was dead! 15 minutes later I was informed that I would receive a replacement to be delivered to a local store the following day

I then contacted retentions to see if I could reduce my bill, they noted I had just called to report the fault but would see what they could do.  After being told that there was no possibility of a loyalty discount and further discussions about why this was the gentleman I spoke with said he'd speak with a supervisor and came back to me with a loyalty discount of £4 a month and could reduce my bill further so I would only pay £70.50 a month (I currently pay £83 for the full house bundle), in addition he would cancel the replacement box as I would be receiving a V6 box which required a new hub and activation by an engineer. That this should have been explained to me by the lady I spoke with in customer services.  I explained that I had assumed I would be getting another TiVo box at which point he told me that as of 2 weeks ago all TiVo boxes that were faulty were being replaced by V6 as they were now 'obsolete'.

As a further sweetener he then told me that they would also replace our second box (V+) with a V6 box. Now as the Virgin media website states there are additional charges for that I asked him to confirm not once, twice but three times that I would be receiving 2 V6 boxes but with no extra charges for the additional box. He confirmed this with me. I asked if I could get back to him before accepting the offer as I wanted to talk to my other half before signing anything.  

After speaking with my other half and weighing up the fact that although the discount wasn't that much the offer of the two V6 boxes with no extra charges was quite a good deal, so I called back and spoke with a lady, before accepting I asked her to go through what we would be getting again just to confirm one final time. She explained that yes we would be getting 2 V6 boxes at no extra charge, the originally ordered TiVo box to replace the faulty old would be cancelled and the engineer would bring the two new boxes on Thursday (today) with a new hub to boot.

On Tuesday I started to get nervous when I received a text to say my new Virgin box was ready for collection, I went to pick it up as I figured we could send it back with the engineer and it was probably a simple error.

Today the engineer arrived and my first thought was he wasn't carrying much so asked if he'd brought two boxes. He told me no, he was here for an upgrade and would replace the second V+ box with the TiVo, and the TiVo with the V6. When I told him he couldn't as the TiVo was dead he told me that's why they must have sent through the TiVo box, the box was opened and even the engineer did a double take- the replacement TiVo was an older model and only 500gb compared to the 1tb on our dead box so not even a like for like box. I told him that wasn't what I signed up for and we wanted the two v6 boxes as promised. He then threw the hub and box along with all the wires on the floor from waist height.  He then contacted his supervisor whilst on speakerphone and the supervisor stated that the job was for an upgrade and to move the TiVo to the second room, again the engineer told him that the TiVo was dead so he couldn't do it but he had a spare V6 box in his van. He then took his phone off speaker and disappeared outside to his van, he came back a few minutes later with the 2nd V6 box and said he would install it but that it wouldn't work as a v6 box. I questioned what that meant and he said "well your account is only for one V6 so this second box will only work as a TiVo box and you'll have to contact customer services when I'm gone to argue the account side", I told him I'd call customer services now while he was here and picked up my phone at which point he said "don't you'll undo all the work I've done to get you the second box", but wouldn't explain what he meant by that comment.

He set to work installing both and when it came to activation we kept getting error messages at the verify point so he called customer services and they said it was because a V6 was already installed, after half an hour of the box rebooting and getting no further and numerous other phone calls back the box finally started working, but not before the engineer took a phone call from someone (again don even on speakerphone) from a woman who was obviously giving him a work sheet for the afternoon but also telling him off about his standard of work which I felt wasn't very unprofessional and I won't go in details on here as it isn't fair to him.

All in all this experience has no the been very good at all, and I'm still none the wiser over whether there will be any repercussions regarding my bill. It just seem so like I've fallen into the "hook 'em in" trap without the benefit of the half price packages, and for now I will not be signing the contract until someone's confirms once and for all I will be getting what I agreed to when I called last Saturday and made these arrangements!

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Upgrade and unhappy experience

Hi TeeKayDawn

I appreciate you getting in touch with us about the V6/TiVo® issues.

I can confirm the package charges are as mentioned in your post at a monthly cost of £70.50.

I can also confirm no additional charges as you have been mentioned have been applied for the connection of BOTH V6's

Additionally we have since updated the correct code for the second V6 to work as it should and the signals have been sent for you.

Please reboot both boxes and let us know how this goes for you.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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