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Unauthorised contract, wifi issues, data loss


I've noticed Virgin have started a new contract from 6 March, ironically the day after they told me they had list my data, for which they haven't recompensed me for. I never asked for a new contract nor received any notification. Surely this is illegal? I've had major issues with connectivity to catch up which ended up with them sending me 2 new boxes. This eventually worked after weeks of contact but is now happening again and again I never received any offers for lack of service. The next issue is my WIFI is totally useless. It drops out at least 10 times a day and needs to be reset. It might be fast but if it doesn't work what's the point? Does anyone know my legal recourse for the contract issue?

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Re: Unauthorised contract, wifi issues, data loss

Hi there @Bazbazzler


Thanks for popping back - sorry that there has been some concern about a contract. 


If you log into your online account, you can check all contract, end of contract notices and any contract changes. Once logged in, pop along to your bills. Then click the Contract Tab. You'll then see a drop down of all the correspondence in regard to contracts with dates. 


Once you have selected the one you are querying, you can check where it was emailed and if it was accepted or not. 


In regard to your broadband issue; sorry that you're having some issues with the WiFi. Do you find that the dropouts only happen on WiFi or does it occur on a wired connection also? 


I have located your account from your forum information so have taken a closer look into this for you - I can see you rebooted within the last 24 hours. We have no known area issues and no errors showing either. 


Your WiFi is looking great too - too too many devices connected and a nice mix of frequencies being used. 


If you're still having issues, it may also be helpful to set up a free “Broadband Quality Monitor” to continually monitor the state of your connection and record any network dropouts.  It does it 24/7/365 and it keeps a visual record of your connection. If you need any help with that please let us know.


Pop back if you need any more assistance/clarification with your account contract. 



Katie - Forum Team

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