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TiVo Starting Up....but its not!

We have been having continuing issues with our Virgin devices.... Wifi, telephone and TV over the last 6 months. 

The most recent issue is that both TiVo boxes have been stuck on the Starting Up screen continually for hours on end with no amount of unplugging and rebooting making any difference. The power button and both service lights on the front of the box are flashing white with no changes. 

I have tried to contact tech support but every avenue I have tried has me met with error messages, maintenance and closed offices. 

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the constant technical issues and poor customer service! Please someone help me resolve this issue!!

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Re: TiVo Starting Up....but its not!

HI Sbaker2aa, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with all three services and want to ensure that we can get these issues resolved. Have you managed to speak to us thus far and if so, what has been advised? Have you managed to get this resolved or still require assistance? ^Chris 

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