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TV Error Code (7400)

Just got my new HUB4 Internet box - installed it, all working fine!

Since then, my TV package is now limited to 5x channels and across my screen I have the 7400 error code. I spent 2hrs trying to fix it myself using the link text to me by Virgin (useless) then a further 30mins on the phone on hold to speak to someone. When I finally got through, they put me through to technical support who then didn’t answer and their office shut.

Very disappointed and very upset at the lack of technical support/advice available - signed up here hoping someone can help me??? Thanks in advance , Lisa 

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Re: TV Error Code (7400)

Code 7400 means your box isn't activated.

You'll need to call the activation line on 0800 9539500.  You'll need your account details and the serial number from the bottom of the box.  It's usually an automated service but you may be put through to talk with someone.  Best time to call is early on in the day to avoid waiting in a queue.

If you speak to someone just tell them you need to activate your box.

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