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TV Channels missing

So, i call VM at 9 oclock this morning on 150. Surprisingly, after negotiating the choose the number, choose that number, i actually get through to a human within 2 minutes, no wait. Added bonus it is the Teeside call centre, UK.

Due to cancelled 2 month stay in Fuerteventura, and this blimin' virus i've decided to keep Sky Cinema. I had to phone to reverse my decision of ditching Sky Cinema, as we were supposed to be out of UK.

The young lad was friendly and helpful. He supposedly sorted a package to include Cinema, but ditched Bt Sport, at £82/month, but because of way the deals are fixed at mo he said you may as well keep Sky Sports with Cinema for the price.


Start flicking around channels tonight, and no Sports OR Cinema, but BT Sport still in package 

What a **bleep** up VM.

So, now i have to call Sat morn, with no gtee of getting through quickly or a UK contact to sort a right mess up by a VM customer adviser.

Frustrated, as i know if u try and add channels online u dont get  discounts.

Sort your advisers out VM.

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