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TLC On Demand

We are on the mix package for the TV and with that get TLC but for some reason when we try and watch 'On Demand' for this channel it ask to subscribe? 

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Re: TLC On Demand

TLC HD catch up version is still available on Virgin TV Go, along with Comedy Central SD and MTV SD

I'm not sure if any other Mix TV channels are missing from Catch Up, but the above 3 channels were part of the freebies that finished on 2nd May, so perhaps it's an error, or VM no longer have the rights to the HD catch up version for your package..


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Re: TLC On Demand

Unfortunately, when VM upgraded the Catch Up for Comedy Central, MTV and TLC from SD to HD, they removed access from Mix TV customers.

VM has so far failed to confirm whether it is a mistake, or a deliberate act to reduce the service for Mix TV customers.

Mix TV includes the HD versions of all 3 channels, so there is no good reason for removing access to Catch Up for these channels.

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