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SuperHub 2 - can't login

I get the login page, and the password is correct (no password rejection except when I type something wrong in). However, it doesn't forward me on to the admin pages. Just sits at the login page.

Adblockers disabled and whatnot.

Anyone any idea before I factory reset it out of frustration and have to set everything else up again? Maybe a URL to one of the admin pages I can type in manually?

edit - sorted. Blasted interface does not include an exclamation mark at the end of a password as "incorrect" - it just buggers it's brain. So I was actually typing in the wrong password, just it wasn't saying as such

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Re: SuperHub 2 - can't login

If you've got a lot of custom settings, then it is worth taking a backup of the hub settings, and the backup and restore for VM hubs actually works (to the surprise of one and all).  Can't point to where in the settings this is as it is years since I had a SH2, but it is there.

But you might want to ask for a Hub 3 - the wifi is just as crap, but it is a far better cable modem than the antiquated SH2.  Dig around and there's a rather hidden "upgrade my hub" page on the VM web site, although as with much of VM's web functionality it only works properly for about a third of customers.  It is VM company policy to replace all pre-Hub 3 devices, but this message hasn't filtered through to all of VM's untrained, low quality offshore staff, so if you phone or text VM then they may (incorrectly) tell you that you're ineligible.

if you're lucky one of the helpful forum staff might pick this up and offer one.

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