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Sports payments resumption

This one is as much feedback as a slight moan, and I suspect one that may have been forced on VM by Sky specifically, but all the same.

The process for getting sports credits started to appear around the 3rd week of March for Sky, and maybe a week or so later for BT, my bill credits were the 26th for Sky and the 4th for BT. Given that live sport had stopped around mid-March and the bills run a month in arrears to "real-time" that's all fair enough.

I've received the emails and read the FAQs, but I notice that BT are just saying "you've now had your last credit" which is fair enough and entirely expected. But as I read it, there'll be a charge re-added to our bills to cover the element of the latest Sky credit that rolls on after the 19th June.

So even though there were a few weeks between sport stopping and the Sky credits being applied, they're being penny-pinching and making sure payments resume as close to the day of football starting, as possible. The BT approach seems altogether fairer to me.

I appreciate VM are probably reliant on commercial terms with BT & Sky for this, but we pay our bills to VM, and so it's they who get the whinge 🙂

I don't see any point in calling into C/S for this, it's evidently an agreed process and policy.

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Re: Sports payments resumption

See this thread...


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