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Sky Cinema iPad App not offering download option any more?


I’ve just opened the Sky Cinema app in my iPad after a few weeks not using it. I’ve noticed that while I can still stream movies the option to download movies to my iPad is no longer there.

I’ve checked the Sky help page and I meet the criteria to download films by being a triple customer with Full House TV and I have not changed my package recently.

I have also checked the Virgin device management screen and my iPad is correctly registered.

I recently upgraded to iOS12 and when I opened the app just now it took a long time to “update the movies”, with the wheel spinning for a a good couple of minutes. The Sky Cinema app is up to date.  

Is anyone else having similar problems? Anyone with a fix?



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Re: Sky Cinema iPad App not offering download option any more?

Hi Eddie98,

Thanks for posting!

Can I confirm whether this feature is still missing from every film on the app?

I'd also recommend checking for updates regarding the Sky Cinema app.

Hope to hear from you soon

Forum Team

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