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Recurrant C130 error code

Everytime we want to watch anything on catch up on our Tivo box (BBC iplayer, ITV hub, etc) after about 10-15 mins of watching, we get a C130 code pop up - which rectifies itself after about 5 minutes.  Do a "check if we have any problems" and all the analysis says we are not connected to the system, and that it's unplugged.  

Everytime it happens, all the helplines are shut... I know I should remember to call during the day, but obviously with work, family, etc, I forget!

Any idea what the problem is?  Do we need a new "wire", hub or TV box?  How do I raise this with Virgin when all lines are closed?  


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Re: Recurrant C130 error code

Hi dippy,

your Tivo sounds like it's losing network connection.

If you have a V6 you are best using an ethernet cable connected to the router.

Check that all cables are tight and have no kinks in them.

To check network connection

Using your TV box remote:

Select the home button >  Help & Settings > Settings > Network > Connection in progress: get status or Connect to the Virgin Media Service now



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