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Re: Received an email charging me for Netflix. I DO NOT HAVE A NETFLIX ACCOUNT!!!!

I've now been charged for Netflix and it's been well over a month since I first reported the issue to Virgin. I've already been through phone calls, emails and public and private messages on this forum and still, nothing has been done.

This whole situation is clearly a data protection violation so I've reported the mishandling of my personal information to the ICO.

Anyone else is free to do it too, the link is:

The link above covers the main issues encountered:

  • has lost personal information, or hasn't kept information secure
  • has used my personal information without my consent
  • has used my personal information in a way I didn't expect

I'm still waiting on any kind of assistance from Virgin past telling me that I need to talk to Netflix. I don't have Netflix account, I have a Virgin Media account and Virgin Media have charged me for the service, they are responsible for sorting this out.

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Re: Received an email charging me for Netflix. I DO NOT HAVE A NETFLIX ACCOUNT!!!!

I can only sympathises with everyone in this situation, as I also fell victim to this earlier this year.  I was charged for Netflix 2 consecutive months, despite reporting it and being assured by VM that it wouldn't happen again.

Anyway, here's what I did to resolve this issue, stop further charges on my VM account and get a full refund.

1. From my VM account, I changed my username (used a different email account) and also changed my VM password.  My thinking behind this was that if my VM account username (i.e. my email) has been linked to Netflix (somehow fraudulently?) then changing it may break that link.

2. Lodged a complaint to Virgin Media via their website

3. Do not stop your DD, as this can make things messy and result in negative score on your credit rating.

4 Don't waste your time calling Netflix, as they are in the dark as much you might be but it's hard to believe, how either of the 2 companies fail to connect the dots.

In my case, the charge for Netflix appeared on my account on 8th of each month, so I had to wait a bit to see if above changes worked.  A few days or maybe a week later I received a call from VM Complaints team.  They were very apologetic and totally agreed to my complaint but still somewhat unclear why this was happening but they did say there were other such cases happening.  Anyway, they promised to refund all payments previously taken and assured me that no further charges would apply.  

I've since received full refund and more importantly no further charges have been applied to my account.  In my opinion, it was the username and password change that's stopped it as VM didn't really give me a convincing answer to suggest they'd done something different this time.

Good luck!