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Promised trial channels not applied

I’ve wanted Virgin broadband since I moved to my house, so when it was rolled out to my area and a sales person popped round (as I’d expressed an interest) I was delighted.

We worked out when my current provider deal would expire and planned in a time to sign up, which I duly did. I cancelled my current providers, and we hashed out a deal which involved broadband, TV and phone - in truth, I wasn’t that bothered about that latter two, but as they were cheap I went for it - the sweetener being a free 3 month trial of Sky Sports channels. So I cancelled the NowTV monthly pass I had for that too.

Install day came and went - the products work really well, but no Sky Sports.

I call the salesman to query, he says he’ll chase it. A day passes, I message him again - he says he’s chased it.

I call directly on 150, I speak to a lady who goes through a cycle of refreshing the network on the TiVo box and power-cycling it before informing me I don’t have the channels as part of my package.

I escalate to a complaint, as I don’t seem to be able to reach anyone via either phone or webchat who can actually deal with the problem. In the meantime there’s been a match I wanted to watch, so I’ve spent £9.99 on a NowTV sports pass.

I speak to another man some days later who says he’s activated it, but it will take some time to update on my box - predictably, it doesn’t.

On 17th Feb I get a call from the “Resolutions” team, unfortunately I’m at work and can’t take it, I call back within an hour but the labyrinth of customer services can’t connect me to them - I have to wait til they call back. I wait.

Two more matches, two more day passes, busy at work and home but I opt to chase. I try the web chat. Lots of apologies. Promises of call backs, they don’t happen. I complain via Twitter, they direct me to a text line which has the same scripts as the web chat, this agent repeats the promise that the channels have now been activated, it will take an hour. They actually promised this. Of course, it didn’t work. I texted back to chase, they kept me waiting until they closed the service down for the day.

Returned to Twitter, they pointed me here - I’ve only skimmed over how much time I’ve spent being fobbed off. This feels like an easy fix, instead of what should have been a welcome perk for joining I’m £30 down on finding alternative ways of reaching these channels, and have spent literally hours trying to resolve it.

I don’t hold out much hope of resolution via this channel either - but in for a penny? It’s become a matter of principle now, and I’m a month short of being able to escalate to CISAS.

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Re: Promised trial channels not applied

Hi FreebornAl,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 


I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you're having with access the Sky Sports. 


What I will need to do is private message you so I can take a look at your account to see why the Sky Sports isn't on yet.