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Prob tv

Hi I've been having major problems with my virgin TV.. to the point I cant watch goes all coloured sq boxes on every chan and every TV I have 3 v6 boxes.ive had engineers out right through Feb when they come out they say cant find what's wrong keeping in mind I've recorded 6 diff channels on 3 diff v6 boxes showing them the prob but strange as it is they all see it on the recordings but say it has to do it when here say I'm not happy is an understatement..its plain to see what's happening. so 1 renewed the wire from outside pit into house and it wasnt to bad for a few days then bang it's back worse as I ring up and get told oh we will reset boxes prob solved hmmm no it's not I'm watching it so I ask for an engineer to come out and get told no I've sorted the problem. I ask for someone higher to talk to they say they will tell u the same I insist on talking to someone higher get put on hold and no one comes bk..I ended up keep ringing same prob I rang last night got a guy and now getting an engineer out wed..not that this is going to help as will get told I've got to see it I've recorded lots last night for once again for them to see ..has anyone any advice they can tell me please I've paying over 100.00 month for something at times cant be watched...can anyone give me any idea I can say to them on wed as i cant go on like this.. thankyou 

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