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Pixelation Liverpool L38

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing progressively more and more pixelation through my V6 box.

The ‘run test’ on the Service Status page results in a ‘Oops something is broken’ and the test is not run

I have done the obvious things: power cycle v6, check connections.

Coincidentally, the mains gas pipes are being replaced in my area and they have been getting closer and closer to my address and are now in my street.

i lost signal completely for a short period this morning - there was a TV Go status warning at the time.

When someone from VM read this I wonder if it would be possible for you to a run a remote diagnosis?



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Re: Pixelation Liverpool L38

Have you checked for “known network faults”?

As well as trying the “check service,” Area status webpage" (link at top right of this forum), there is also a Service Status number - 0800 561 0061 - which usually tells you of more local issues down to postcode level (that may not be listed on the Area Status web page which usually covers 1000’s of customers) - that may give you more info, but even that wont cover problems affecting just a few customers.

If nothing shows on there, try calling it in as a fault (on 150 VM line - or 0345 454 1111 others) and see what they say when they test your connection and if possible, get a fault reference number – the UK call center is still picking up.


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