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Picture pixelating on a number of channels and both boxes

Right, I have tried rebooting both V6 boxes, checking cable connections etc. but it seems more and more of my channels (it seems the HD ones) are becoming pixelated and breaking up. Annoyingly it’s Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Channel 5HD, Quest and some of the channels we watch the most. Often having to revert to SD transmissions or just switch it off!

Are there any other things I should check before I call them up. I just don’t want to be fobbed off with stuff and have tried everything they are likely to ask. It’s clearly not the boxes as it is the same channels on both boxes.

Thank you,


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Re: Picture pixelating on a number of channels and both boxes

If it's the same problem on both boxes, then the obvious thing C/S will ask is that you've tried a box reset. It's a tick-box they have to go through, along with "are your cables all finger-tight".

Looking at the frequencies those channels are carried on, C5-HD shares a mux with Film-4 HD, S4C-HD, Sky History 2 HD, Sky Sports Action HD & Sky Sports F1 HD.

It might be worth checking some of those channels, just to reinforce that you have what sounds very much like a signals issue. VM need to physically intervene with those - either a cabling fault or box fault. If multiple boxes are affected, then it points at the common cabling.


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