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Picture Delay

When turning channel via the remote control the display goes blank (like it is about to turn over to the new channel) but it remain blank for several minutes before either switching channel or re-starting itself. Which in itself take several more minutes. If we press the guide button we only receive a blank screen.

When rewinding live TV the picture freezes and then when we press play again the screen freezes then plays for a second before freezing again and then repeats the previous 1sec footage, this repeats several times before playing and repeating the next second of footage in the same pattern.

The only time the above doesn't happen is when we turn the Box on from standby mode, but after 10min viewing the above start happening.

I appears that the box is having difficulty in processing the signal, after about 10min.

Is the box on it way out, do we need a new/replacement one?

No faults are listed in our area, and no faults appear when running checks via website.


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Re: Picture Delay

Hey @JPaul40 and a big welcome to the community.


Sorry to hear of the issues that you've been having with your TV service.


I have been able to locate your account and can see that you have been sent out new equipment and activated it.


Have you had any further issues since you got the new TV box?