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Over charging

We signed up to virgin 5 months ago and our contract is for £34 a month. I have the contract. First month we were over charged- I had to call up and be credited the following month.

In the next couple of months we did not have internet for two days and channels were removed. We were rold we would be reimbursed for this.

This month we have once again been over charged. I rang up on Friday and was on the phone for 45 minutes. I was told that because of a service fault in the area at the time of our installation, we didn't have a phone line and therefore your system had upped our monthly charge because a phone line discount could not be applied. This had not been communicated to us. The man I spoke to said his manager had adjusted the charges and applied credits that would bring our monthly charge back down to £34 pounds a month from now on. This seemed a long and complicated way around it and not a permanent solution but I was assured it had been sorted. Bear in mind that this is the second time in five months I had had to call up for a significant amount of time, costing me money to call to correct a virgin error. 

I have just had an email through telling me about the changes we had 'requested' to our account. We are now apparently on a £52.25 bundle which includes a £4 charge for the changes that have been made. Is this a joke? 

I am so fed up with having to check my bills all the time and not being able to trust a big company to charge me the right amount. I do not care about whether your system can cope with us having a phone line or not, something which was never anything to so with us in the first place- by your own admittance you were unable to install it because of your own service problems at the time. I simply want confirmation that I will be charged the correct amount each month. £34 a month as in the contract. I should not have to worry about any extra charges or bits of credit that make it the right amount. Just sort it out please. It is draining, unfair and just not good enough. 

I cannot handle any more phone calls- please email confirmation that we are back on the orignal bundle of £34 a month without any further complications. If anything we should have a further discount for the trouble but your system would definitely not be able to copy with that. We

should certainly not have to deal with any more emails telling us our bundle has changed. We haven't changed a thing. 



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Over charging

Might be worth calling into your local VM high street store (with i.d. and proof of residence} and discuss your contract with the in store manager - they ought to be able to see all your account details.

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