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Not impressed in the slightest! Way beyond a joke now!

Not sure if I'm posting this in right area as it's over a few different boards but to be honest I'm pretty fed up! Constant issues! Here's the short version (still the length of rocket scientists final exam!)

  I recently had seriously faulty equipment replaced. After well over a year of living with a TiVo box that did what it wanted, when it wanted, missing HD channels, recording programmes not set, not recording the programmes it was supposed to record, no on demand at all amongst a few other issues. Broadband was constantly going down, low signal. Being charged additional box fee even though one was faulty and the other obsolete for around 2 years and had the signal switched off at virgin's end but still active on my account. No dial tone on land line so using mobile to TRY contact customer service to either be cut off after being on hold for over an hour at a time or an agent putting the phone down on me or using all my credit! I've had my services suspended weeks before the bill was even due! I was emailing someone from complaints department who stopped responding 10th Nov! The TiVo box I had was so bad the tech on the phone (when I finally managed to speak to someone, which was a right party!) said "it's like trying to access a sky box from my virgin system". She was absolutely brilliant! Appointment for new equipment and to check all connections made. Brilliant! Engineer came 13th Nov. Brand new V6 and Hub 3 received. All set up n working. Yay! But no intructions/how to guide but luckily similar to TiVo box. Phone line didn't get transferred to go through Hub 3 as wasn't sure if sticking with same package or not with billings issues as well. But he said it could be sorted at a later date anyway. 15th Nov my services still not up to date on account so again, I rang, to be cut off several times before actually speaking to someone. Then she put phone down on me! My details hasn't been updated at all, half the notes were missing apparently. Rang back, asked to be transferred to complaints or manager, listened to same 3 songs for 30 mins before connecting to retention agent (never heard of that department but oh well) had all issues dealt with, finally! After deciding to keep all 3 services I bought a new phone handset and plugged into wall socket cos I'm nosey, I found a dial tone, miss called my mobile to check if it actually worked. It did! Woohoo! Completely different number though!?!  Booked in for 2nd V6 to be installed 27th Nov. Engineer came.... With a 360 box (and no instructions/how to guide).... Which I can't do box to box streaming on! I only found that out after coming on here to try find answers on playing shows from one box on the other. Now my connect app has 'tweety pie' dots floating round the Hub icon, I've clicked on it n it's telling me to restart hub. Now posts on here are saying the V6 box can be 'upgraded' to 360 but will lose any recordings? I presume restarting the hub will connect 360 box to the App and home network? All other devices connected on app working correctly. Will rebooting Hub 3 force V6 to change to 360? Which I do not want! Can I stop it/cancel before it starts if it does? I don't even know what 360 box I have as I can record on it but don't know how much space is left as only saying % used not total amount of space and have no idea how to use! It's an awful set up and no way of changing it other than high contrast which I have done, I suffer with sensory overload and the setup/lay out hurts! I had a call from a female agent from complaints about an hour before engineer came asking if everything had been resolved to my satisfaction, which at that point had, and if that complaint could be closed. She said she'll call back Mon/Tues to see if everything went ok. Will the connect app/360/Hub 3 issue become a problem by then? I'm reluctant to reboot in case it sets off a new wave of issues!

 Why is trying to get the things I asked for and I'm paying for so difficult? Why is there no communication between Virgins departments? I feel like changing my name to Polly as I've repeated myself that many times in a month I'm pretty sure I've become a parrot!



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