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Netflix added to bill without permission

Hoping someone can help or share experience with me....

Virgin have added Netflix onto my bill after sending me an email last month saying "We've received notification from Netflix that you wish to pay your monthly subscription fee via your Virgin Media bill."

The email goes on to say that if this is wrong, I can amend it in My Account section of Netflix account.

First, the amount is wrong - I have a Standard subscription to Netflix and VM are charging me for a Premium subscription.

Second, my payment method and subscription type on Netflix are the same as when I set them up, so I can't change them from VM even if I wanted to, and neither can Netflix support.

Third, I contacted Netflix who told me they have not requested that Virgin Media bill me and I should talk to Virgin, so this appears to be rubbish.

And last, I've no way to get hold of the VM billing team. I've raised a complaint, but never heard back. And I'm now paying twice for Netflix.

I have checked in case kids inadvertently signed me up again or something, but I am logged into Netflix on the 2 Tivo boxes we have with my one and only Netflix account.

Any help greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Netflix added to bill without permission

This appears to be happening to a lot of us. There are probably many more who haven't yet noticed.

Calling VM results in them telling you they can't do anything and to contact Netflix, which of course is absolute rubbish and just a typical management fob-off to get the customer off the phone because they don't know the answer.

I really want to point out here that it's not the phone staff, but the management who are doing this. The phone staff unfortunately are limited to what they're told they can do and management don't care about telling them to tell us to go away because it's not them who have to put up with us.

Don't accept that this is something you've signed up for. It's not. it's something VM have done and don't know how to fix. In my case Netflix can't help because I don't have an active account. I also don't have a TV box to sign up with.