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Moving in with partner who has different IT set up

Am shortly moving house to move in with  partner. He works from home and has home office in spare bedroom at top of house. This is a PC network running 3 PCs via ethernet using. BT fibre broadband.. The PCs do not have network cards so cannot run over wi-fi.Otherwise he uses WiFi on his smart phone for nternet access when not in the office.He doesn't really watch TV except via his PC network.

Where I live now,  I currently have a different set up. I have VM fibre broadband. I have an LG smart TV which I watch a lot. It is programmed with several tailored apps (available  via LG  internal OS) plus some apps I have installed separately. At first i  had some difficulty getting the LG TV  to work on TiVo box, using wifi. This seemed to be a TiVo box issue. So cabled the TV  up via ethernet and works a treat. I use a laptop pc and a tablet for internet access via WiFi from  VM router . Works no problem.

I am partway through a good VM discount deal. I want to keep my deal during settling in at least and not disrupt partners home network. The house is cabled up for VM broadband point on ground floor. So theoretically it is possible.  Is it actually possible to run BT and VM BB fibre connections side by side in same house..?



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Re: Moving in with partner who has different IT set up

Yes is the usual answer - they come via separate means. Most broadband providers come over the standard BT / Openreach cable - but Virgin Media use their own cable, so can be used in addition to another supplier.

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