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Move series link to new box

I have seen various questions on this subject. My question is this....

Has anyone at all been able to move their series links from a functioning Tivo box to a new V6 box. Seems to be lots of people not having been able to and Virgin still have the link on the website to do it, and it is not working for us. Having spent over 6 hours on the phone to VM in the last week I cannot stomach any more. Just want to confirm that after over 6 months of customers having the saem problem they have not bothered to do anything about it.

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Re: Move series link to new box

Hi Greigyyy,

The series links hasn't worked for around 8 or 9 months now. Unfortunately no updates have been posted on the community forums. Reading between the lines it looks like it may not be fixed as VM have now introduced the TV 360 boxes.


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