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Missing channels

I have upgraded to maxit tv. I have 2 boxes, 1 is showing sky sport and cinema, the other isn’t- why

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Re: Missing channels

Ring 150 and select faults option, Einstein will send another hit to your box.  Sometimes the system can take 3 hours for the hit to send as the main box gets hit first and others sit in a queue for the signal to hit.

Your main box will be showing green on the system whilst the slave box will show up red.

The hit goes down the RF cable, so ignore those saying it goes via the Internet etc as they will be talking out of their pants.

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Re: Missing channels

When did you upgrade your TV package, and how did you do it?

If it was by phone, it's normally immediate. If you did it online, it can take a few days to be manually activated.

On the box with missing channels, try following...

Home > Help & Settings > Help > TV Care > I'm missing some channels

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