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Loss of service/Compensation /The automatic scheme is NOT being honoured

Can someone please explain to me how vrigin media acquaintes loss of service. I have been a loyal customer since 2006 back then they appeard to care much more about customers and the services they provide.Now l may to have to leave for another provider due to the loss of services, attempting to report it on the phone waiting 45-50 mins when 150 number works (it stop working or engaged tone for 4-5hrs a day lately) finally get though report the TV not working for 2days before l called thinking that it was one of the area faults that l have been battling with for nearly all of 2020. To be told l need a new box that will not get to me for additional 5days.Ok l was not happy but it is what it is and then for the box to get to my home and the remote will not sink to the box and yes l did look on line read the accompanying booklet done all the self help steps 9times just to be sure.

Phoneto report it again waited 50mins this time to be told l will have to wait additional 5days for a new remote again not happy but it is what it is. Finally got the remote TV working to be told now all the 10days or so equates to £1 of compensation because there technions decided l only suffered 2-4hrs of loss of services ??

And to add insult to injury they are only awarding me this as a good will justure ? Whow vrigin no engineer came to my home when l could not use the TV and you had to order me a new box that took 5days from the 3days l called and reported it and the additional 5days waiting for the remote?? Really vrigin l expected better and for you to honour the compensation scheme you have signed too. 

Disappointed TJ

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Re: Loss of service/Compensation /The automatic scheme is NOT being honoured

the automatic compensation only applies to the internet and phone. Not TV.

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