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I called up to terminate my Virgin contract on Tuesday (TV, fibre and phone) but I’m a little concerned it hasn’t been cancelled... the guy on the phone was very pushy and kept saying that I didn’t need to cancel etc etc, and now I’ve not received any sort of confirmation or email I’m concerned that it hasn’t actually been cancelled.

I’ve logged into my account but can’t see anything - is there anywhere in my account that would suggest it’s been cancelled?

I’ve also looked online and can see that once it’s cancelled I’ll receive some return packaging in the post to return the hardware, but I can’t see anything about the wall unit (for fibre) - should this be removed and returned to Virgin also? Or kept in the wall?

this is why I was half expecting/waiting for a confirmation email of my cancellation as I was hoping it would also explain exactly what I needed to remove/return...

Can anyone help?

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Re: Leaving

Hi the part of the questions I can answer (I don't work for virgin) is that you are not expected to return wall sockets, always handy if you or a new owner ever wants virgin again, it will be the box or boxes and the hub.Regards Micky
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