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Is anyone else totally frustrated and fed up with Virginmedia customer service!?

I have been a loyal VirginMedia customer since before it was a twinkle in Mr. Branson’s eye! I joined Blueyonder when it first started and came into my area and then stayed on when VM took over. I have sat idly by every year watching new customers get £100’s off their new customer joining package all the while watching my monthly bills slowly go up and up! I didn’t complain because there really wasn’t any other option for me, internet speed and unlimited download etc...

But then when I dared (how dare I!!??), after being harassed by the wife who’s friends were getting the exact same service as us, were paying a lot less than us because they just joined, I called customer service and begged for a little loyalty discount to appease the wife! ‘Yes of course sir, which service would you like to downsize? Which channels would you like to lose? Which calls would you like to do without? How much broadband can you do without?’ So I shut up and took my ear bashing, from the wife, like the feeble man I am!

But then, the troubles started, pixelated picture, distorted sound and router that had a mind of its own! So I call Mumbai and lose my mind!! ‘Hi Sir, I will be happy to help you, my name is Fred! Have you tried rebooting, checking the cables, wait 10 minutes and then....hold on please screen has locked up and I can’t read the self help files available to you everyone else on the www!’ So, I give up and hope that it will all go away on its own. Then someone tells me that if you call at a certain time in the early evening, you will bypass Mumbai and actually speak to somebody from the UK that can actually think and resolve problems without reading from a script!!! What a clever idea!!! So like the chump I am, I try calling at different times in the hope that I can speak to someone who actually understands my cockney accent and that maybe I can understand them as well! Success!!! I’m through to someone with strongest Glaswegian accent I have ever heard and barely understand and who can’t understand me either! 

Money well spent over the years of devoted and unflinching loyalty to VM I hear you say!?

Look at what you have gone and done VM! You have managed to convince me that Sky is a viable option as soon as my latest contract with you is up! After all this and last two days of trying to communicate via messaging with someone obviously who’s first language is NOT English, to try and solve my unwatchable TV problem, I finally give up, give in, I’m beaten! I just can’t take this any more! If I have to make one more call, or one more text message to another person who doesn’t understand and worse, doesn’t care, I will top myself!

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Re: Is anyone else totally frustrated and fed up with Virginmedia customer service!?

1) The India call centres have been out of action for some time (& still are) due to lockdown. Also don’t just assume because the person you are speaking too has a “foreign” accent that they are speaking to you from that country. 

2) New customer deals are sold at a loss. They are there purely to get people to switch providers & quite honestly to please the regulators whose job it is to demonstrate there is a competitive market in the sector due to the amount of people switching. The grass will ALWAYS be greener on the other side of the fence, because after your initial period you pay what everyone else does. Where do you think most of VMs new customers come from? There is only one other supplier with a comparable services to VM (it begins with ‘S).

3) The loyalty discounts are there but A) You must speak to Retentions. Only these have the offers available. B) Loyalty discounts only last 12 months, during which time you cannot make ANY changes to your services or you lose them.

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