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HD Channels missing and on demand

Hi I hope someone can help as I can't get through to live chat or on the phone. I have the tivo box & I've had a series link set on sky Witness HD (Lincoln Rhyme:Hunt for the bone Collector). I was able to watch the first 2 episodes from the recordings, but now I've gone to watch episode 3 and it says I can't and have to subscribe to watch HD and also I've realised it didn't record this week's ep 4 & Sky Witness HD is greyed out ??? I haven't changed my package at all I'm on the Mix package.

Also on my other box I had some films i recorded on c4hd channel 141 last year, I've tried to watch them and it says they are no longer available as virgin no longer supports that channel? But all my recent ones on the same channel are there ?

Sorry and another thing, i can watch MTV HD and record but I can't get the programmes on MTV on demand they are only on HD and it's saying I have to subscribe? And they arent available on normal mtv on demand ? It doesn't make sense.

I hope someone can help please as I'm having to change all my series links on both box's so they aren't HD just in case they randomly say they aren't available for me!

Thank you 

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Re: HD Channels missing and on demand

During this present crisis Virgin have been giving customers on the lower packages free access to a number of channels.

Sky Witness HD isn't part of the Mix package, (although the SD version is) however it was included as part of a number of Sky Channels that were given free until 9th May, so you will probably have been able to recoerd the HD version during that period.This is because the agreement with Sky won't allow the viewing of channels/recordings after the free date ends.  You will have to reset your recording the SD version.

Virgin has offered a number of  channels for free recently, you can find the details on the Press release page

As far as I know recordings are only stored for a year (less in some cases) due to licencing agreements, which would explain why you can't watch those movies from last year on Ch4.

MTV Live HD isn't available on the Mix package, so again unfortuately you will have to record the SD version.

MTV TV doesn't broadcast in HD on Virgin.

should only have been available until 2nd May


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Re: HD Channels missing and on demand

What TV pack are you on - this is shown in My Virgin Media and on your bills.

Recently due to the Coronavirus situation Virgin Media have offered some additional channels for customers that aren't in their usual TV packs - this has included HD version of channels where you would normally get the SD versions. Some of these free to view period have now ended.

The current listings are here
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own