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Free gift and tv broadband issues

Hi when I signed up for Virgin last year on the Ultra Oomph bundle, for £99 a month, I wasn’t offered any gifts which many others who I got to sign up were offered which somewhat annoyed me after. On top of that the install date kept being put back eventually installed many months later after sign up, and getting my bt service reactivated after cancelling and a dead line.

So eventually I had been away on business, and I come back to find only one of the boxes had been installed and had to wait yet again for the other box to be installed and the engineer hadn’t turned up when he was booked.

So during the time of having this service many times the internet and tv have just stopped working and the internet has been slow. I did however sign up for a Virgin mobile for the SIM card provided which was an Huwaii pro at no time was I told of the issues between huwaii and google, and the phone could soon stop working at some point. I then get notified of a data breach of my data being compromised!

so whilst not having any luck with any of the above issues Covid then happens and virgin then offers absolutely everyone else free access to the tv packages I have even though paying now £129 and struggling like everyone else, was offered no help or incentives.

To say I’m feeling pretty livid is an understatement with all of the above, continued breaks in the service, and people getting offered the very same packages £££s cheaper with an abundance of free gift offers on top! 

so stuck with hefty bills and a phone that’s not even going to be updated at some point, a data breach and continued breaks in service.

when I voiced this to customer service chat was told well that’s what I signed up when questioned on the fairness of all of this. 


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Re: Free gift and tv broadband issues

Hi Angeladee, I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the service and that you gained no free gift. In regards to offers they are on all the time and are subject to availability, was the service done online or over the phone. 


I appreciate this has been a very frustrating time during the installation and you were looking forward to enjoying your new service. We want nothing more than to provide the service, it sounds like this one of construction.


We do not come across these issues until we action the installation. When you first call, the Sales team check to see if the address is marked as serviceable. This simply means the architecture is in place. In this case it is. Prior to you install a crew come out to what we term pre-pull the external cable. It’s at this point we sometimes come across constructions issues. Services are subject to availability.


We are sorry to hear that you were having issues with the handset and when a phone develops a fault we can sent this to our repair centre. 


In regards to the data breach full information can be found here, have you spoken to the customer relations team on 0345 454 1111 options 1, 4, 5 to discuss the package? 



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