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Free LG TV issue

Currently had the TV for around 3-4 weeks and ever since day 1 i have had a noticeable defect with the tv in the top left hand corner.

This being that in dark scenes you can see the back light very prominently and ruins the picture.


Can anyone advise on how i go about getting this fixed through virgin, is there a warranty or a parts/replacement number?


Thanks for the help


Pictures below119173472_4730269073649954_426271112542100474_n.jpg119094853_1667123353451687_8987880013774148760_n.jpg119103262_1019930355144688_7513537624057911696_n.jpg

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Re: Free LG TV issue

Hi there @rebeccaholden93


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for your first post - I was sorry to understand that you have noticed a fault with the free TV that you have been sent. 


You advise you've had it between 3-4 weeks. If you have had it less than 28 days, you can contact Extertis directly on 01282 858 484. They supply the hardware gifts on our behalf and will be able to assist you with a replacement. 


If you have gone over the 28 days, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly as they would supply you with a 1 year Warranty with the equipment. 


Hope that helps. Keep us posted





Katie - Forum Team

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