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Error 7400 and others bits!

Right I have an issue and I need help! As I have an very upset and angry mother!!!!

Virgin have reset my Mum's account and the TV as an error 7400 code.  Mum is telling me that she can only get 2 channels - BBC1 and ITV.

She is awful with technology and I am just as bad but the issue is I am just a freeview person and I don't know how Virgin boxes work.

Virgin are as useful as a chocolate teapot and have basically made my mum wait over 3 hours tonight and now cut her off.

So can someone please help me (but I need simple explainations)

what source / how to reboot / how to sort an error 7400 code


Thank you so much 




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Re: Error 7400 and others bits!

Unfortunately the box has been deactivated. She will need to phone Virgin Media to get it reactivated however she will need to have her account number and the box's serial number to get this done.

She could wait a few days for a Moderator to deal with her query, but it would probably be quicker for her to phone in.


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