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Customer Service & Compensation

On Tuesday morning, I discovered my service wasnt working - internet, TV and landline. After phoning customer services and a few checks they arranged a technician call out for Weds 4pm - 7pm. I took a few hours off work so I could be there. At 6.50pm a notice the Virgin Media van pull up outside, waited a few minutes and then drove off without leaving the van. Clearly they did not want the job near 'knocking off' time but waited outside to prove they were at my address. I rang up to complain (on hold for 40 minutes) - they did seem to give two hoots and no word of an apology. They best they could do was to re-arrange the call out for Friday. When I kicked up a fuss they eventually agreed that they would keep the Friday booking but would ensure a Manager would ring Thurs morning to see if the call-out could be arranged for that day. Surprise, nothing from them. When I rang them I said I wanted to make a formal complaint and wanted my complaint to be formally responded to. I was told by customer services that this was the only way of making a complaint and they do not provide response.

My questions;

1) Surely a more formal complaint can be made. How do I do this? Surely any company should provide a response to a complaint? Virgin Media don't think it necessary to do so. I feel really angry that the technician waited outside in a van to try and prove he attempted to visit - and drove off. Basically, its taking the p@ss.

2) How do I get compensation for loss of service and such poor customer service? I have been without TV/ internet/ phone for 3 days and counting and I have people staying at address that rely on the landline. 

I am going to leave Virgin as soon as I decide on the best alternatives


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Customer Service & Compensation

Call 150 or 0345 454 1111 options 1-1-4-5 "thinking of leaving" – in business hours (08.01 is best!) you usually get a UK call centre (it might still be a 30’+ wait though) who are more understanding and helpful.  Tell them you are about to leave for Sky/BT because of these problems - and they will give you best information and/or try and sort it for you as it’s their job to keep customers.

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