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I requested some time ago that my virgin TV package be downgraded as due to personal circumstances it wasn't affordable at present. I was assured by an agent on this very forum that the services had been removed however I found this morning after a very unpleasant chat with customer services I have been billed again for last month and this month which I couldn't afford to pay...resulting in service restriction.  And late payment charges 

I would like someone to contact me as I wish to leave this service and put in another complaint about the rubbish customer services

I have screen shots clearly stating the services were removed and I would not be charged for them however customer services on the phone  tell me that the conversations never happened

Now I apparently have to give 28 days notice and pay for the next 2 bills 

If I could afford the services I would not ask them to be reduced!!! I've already paid 3 mths longer I ain't paying no more


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