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Code V273

I can't access catch up or on demand on my TV.  All I get is a code V273.  It's been like this for months.  

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Re: Code V273

Hi johnsoja39,

Error V273 is a network connectivity issue. Which box do you have? TIVO or V6? The solution varies according to your box, although it's pretty much the same.

The V6 works best if connected with an ethernet cable.

Are you using wifi or ethernet?  If wifi, use your remote and go to  Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Network. In the top-right, the box should say connected/online - what's the signal strength?

There are timestamps in the top-left corner. These usually operate on 6 hourly connection cycles and will show either Success,  or a reason for failure. If it's a failure what message does it show?

If you are using an ethernet connection make sure it's plugged in tight and snug. Some of the ethernet cables work their way out. It might be an idea to replace it with another working cat 5 pr cat 6 ethernet cable if you have one.

Using your remote go again to  Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Network.

At the left hand side of the screen it should show last status which should hopefully say connected. If it doesn't, or it hasn't made any further connection attempts since you last had the problem then click on Connect to Virgin Media Service now.

You can also test your network connection from the same screen, ignore the port configuration test section, it's a red herring and  often shows errors even on systems with no problems..

You can also run a speed test which will show if you have any network issues affecting the strength/speed. To run the speed test with your remote. 

Home > Help & Settings > Help > Our Other Products > Broadband > Take a Speed Test > Press Play (DO NOT PRESS OK)

If after following that advice and your internet connection is not the issue then you will need to speak to VM faults by dialling 150 from a VM landline.


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