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Children's channels disappeared


Hope everyone is well. I'm asking a question on behalf of my Mum. Following the death of my Dad in April she now has the Virginmedia account in her own name. She elected to go for the Bigger bundle and until this weekend had the full gamut of children's channels. Lovely, especially as she is allowed to bubble with her grandchildren.

This morning she went to look and they've all gone. She can get CBBC and so on, but not Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc. I looked and they are definitely not part of the Bigger bundle according to the website, but why did she have them and now they're not there anymore?

I know that VM were offering them free during lockdown, and wonder if this is what has happened. Seems really shady that you can have 220 channels of quite a lot of rubbish, but the 7 or so channels that her grandchildren actually watch when they're round there are not available unless you go for the absolute top package or pay an extra £5 per month. VM aren't trying to recoup losses experienced over the absence of sport and the resultant suspension of peoples' subscriptions to such channels?

I'm on a completely different and not-available-anymore TV package called Full House, which I guess would move across to Maxit should I ever be able to last more than 30 seconds on the phone with the "pester me daily" team that seem to just keep calling.

Can anyone help me make sense of this, or have I already done that? £5 per month for childrens channels or the top of the range package?

Talk about moving the goalposts... 

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Re: Children's channels disappeared

Hi Rawmusic,

Condolences for the passing of your Dad.

Unfortumately you are correct the Kids channels that were added for free are not part of the Bigger bundle and would cost £5 per month extra as an addon.

They were originally only due to be free from March 31st to April 21st, although VM did extend that period.

You are also right in that you would lose the kids channels if you moved from the Full House to any other package, unless you took out the Ultimate Oomph package.  




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