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Charged for Netflix twice

looking on here it seems I’m not the only one having this problem. I am being charged £11.99 via VM as well as the £8.99 I pay through Netflix. 

I've had Netflix for years and always paid through paypal. In January got an email saying id requested it via my set top box (I hadn’t) and 3 months down the line at having to phone VM every month to get them to refund the £11.99.....yet I have not signed into Netflix via set top as I use a firestick. 

‘It’s not us, it’s Netflix’, ‘it’s not us, it’s Virgin Media’. Quite frankly I’m bored of hearing the ‘you’ve joined Netflix via your set top box’ malarkey that I get from VM as I haven’t. There’s no one else that could have done it as I live on my own.

No one wants to take responsibility for this and the customer service is appalling, you just get told the same message over and over. 

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Re: Charged for Netflix twice

It's a complete shambles. I've had this problem since November 2019. 

I've managed to get the charge removed and refunded twice by Virgin, but you just have to hope you get through to someone who knows what they are doing. When they remove the charge it just gets re-applied the following month, every other time I've been told to contact Netflix. 

Virgin obviously have a huge problem with security/data protection, just look at the amount of people on here who have the same problem. Virgin just say you must have signed up through Tivo or My Virgin Media.......Virgin are either incompetent or just don't want to admit there is a problem.

I've once again received my latest bill and it's got a £11.99 netflix subscription on it 😡


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