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Cancelling net flix and putting in new user nsme

Hi I have been watching Netflix through my sons log in on Virgin. The other day it said he was no longer a member, I wanted to put in my daughters log in but in 1 press of the wrong button I accidentally resubscribed my son for another month at £11.99!! I could see no option to change users, there was only a resubscribe link, I thought at that point I would put in a new user name.

Can I have a refund and how do I cancel and put in the other username and password? 

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Re: Cancelling net flix and putting in new user nsme

Hi you will have to go back into Netflix and cancel, then setup a new account with a different email address and password in your name, go across to the sub menu on the left, click on get help, there is a phone number 0800 096 6379 they are very helpful, or click on  reload Netflix, reload Netflix application, or exit Netflix, close Netflix application, one of those options should work for you, good luck with it. Regards Micky