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Being billed twice?

I'm new to Virgin Media so this might seem really trivial, but...

Whenever I buy a film from Virgin Store, the payment for it comes straight out of my bank account. However, it also seems to get added to my monthly bill, and I'm charged for each purchase then as well (eg. if I buy a film for £10.99, that will come out of my bank when I press purchase, but when I view my bill at the end of the month it says there's a £10.99 service charge which then comes out with the rest of my bill.)


Like I said, I'm a new Virgin media customer and I just want to make sure I'm not being billed twice.

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Re: Being billed twice?

Hi you will have to check your contract on your online account to make sure you are paying the ageed monthly fee, it may be that it is just a listing of what has already been paid. Regards Micky
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