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App crashed

just tried to watch something from the ITV Hub using the app from the virgin app store. very disappointed to find that not only did I have to put up with adverts, the app crashed half way through the programme. I had to completely re-boot my router/TV/Virgin box. to restore. I managed to finish watching the programme through the catch up service, which is what I would normally do because the programmes may not always be available on the same day as they are broadcast but at least they are ad free.  I doubt this type of fault will be picked up automatically by the system and I am pretty sure that ITV and Virgin will be only too happy to blame each other and so not do anything to improve the service. there wasn't an error code, just a message saying that something went wrong during playback and to either try again from the start or resume. I chose to resume which is when it decided to freeze.

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Re: App crashed

Hi petersladdie,

that often happens to me in the kitchen when using Freeview Play on my small TV, I don't have a Virgin set top box connected to that TV


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