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Amazon video on tivo box

Hello all...I am a complete novice at forums so sorry if I am doing anything/everything wrong but I really need some assistance.

We have a tivo box which in the apps section it has amazon video. My son was showing me a movie, (on our tv that has the tivo box connected to), that we wanted to watch which is included free for amazon prime members. (I have a prime membership on a fire stick on a different tv which is not part of the virgin tivo box). So my son got onto the amazon video app on the tivo box & searched the movie title. It said join amazon video to watch so I clicked on it as I thought I could log into my amazon prime membership to watch it for free but it seems as though I have joined it again as it showed me that the charge is £7.99 p/month. 

My question to you all is where can I find out which of my accounts this new membership is being charged it amazon or is it virgin? I was expecting to have to put my details in to join but it seems as though my tv already has my details to charge me for it automatically. I have looked into the settings/membership but it doesn't show me any details. I know you can cancel amazon memberships without charge if done by mistake but I don't have any clue how or where I am supposed to do it!!

If anyone out there understands what I am trying to describe and can help me please I'd be extremely grateful to hear from you.

Thanking you in advance, Sam

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Re: Amazon video on tivo box

Hi Sammygirl03, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


You don't need to be sorry - we all have to start somewhere over here 🙂 I still get stuff wrong from time to time haha! As far as I am aware we do not have Amazon Prime video on TiVo's just V6 and you wouldn't just be able to sign up with a click of a button. Can you confirm what box you have and can you confirm what the page said? 


Cheers 🙂 



Ryan_N - Forum Team -
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