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poor volume on V6 box

I have been having problems with the volume on the V6 box since it was installed. I see that customers have been complaining about this issue for a year now and still Virgin have done nothing to resolve it. I find that the volume is much lower than the TV and even worse when playing back some of the recorded content, particularly films. Has anyone heard from Virgin whether they are going to solve this problem or is it just going to go on forever? 

My contract runs out at the end of this month. Perhaps the only solution is Sky. Having just checked they are actually cheaper than Virgin at the moment.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: poor volume on V6 box

Is this only an issue on HD content?

If yes, is your TV correctly down-mixing the audio from the centre channel to L & R?

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Re: poor volume on V6 box

The volume of all content is determined by a number of factors:
1)The Dolby Digital settings on the V6 box
2)The settings of your TV.

One or both of the above can affect the volume output the first is the easiest to check:
Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Audio > Dolby Digital
Change the setting here from Dolby Digital to Dolby Digital to PCM or visa versa

The second option is harder to check and alter, on some TV remotes you simply have to press an Audio button and make a few changes on others is more involved.  I would suggest trying the first option and if that makes no difference then please post your TV make and model number and someone no doubt will have info on the settings and how to make changes.


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