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on demand picture breaking up same old problem

so since Monday I have been attempting to watch some of the old series of the walking dead only to find my old friend the stupid picture breaking up has returned

This is the first time I have had problems since I upgraded to the V6 box from the old V HD box, does it on different series and different times of the day. I can be watching an episode fine then like 20 minutes in it starts, it can be just about ok with only the occasional pixelating or lines or it can be quite bad but stop after a minute or it can be so bad I have to stop the episode then start again Imagine living in a bad TV signal area and turning off your signal booster then try and watch TV. I even tried restarting the box which worked ok for the next episode I watched then the same thing started happening

Every time I complain about it nobody can ever find anything wrong, they run tests nothing shows up. Nothing else gets affected, broadband is fine all other TV channels are as well it's just the on demand. 

It's really annoying as it seemed as though changing to the V6 box proved there was something wrong with the old one, it's been fine since it was installed last December so why suddenly now?


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Re: on demand picture breaking up same old problem

How is your V6 box connected to your broadband hub?

TV: XL TV (V6 & V+ HD)
Broadband: VIVID 200
Phone: Talk Unlimited
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Re: on demand picture breaking up same old problem

I'm sorry to hear about this mark_a_carpente,


I've checked things from this end and there are some level issues present that I'd like for an engineer to rectify.


I've sent you a private message so that we can get this arranged.


Speak soon,



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