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on demand low volume

Dialled in

I have been watching a bit of Elementary on Alibi on demand and the volume is terrible. I have to turn my TV all the way up to about 60% in order to actually hear the program properly. This wouldn't be so bad if the intrusive randomly inserted adverts weren't about 3 times as loud. Honestly when some of them come on it's like the speakers are going to explode. I did find the same thing with different Alibi programs a while back but nothing like the extent of this

Also I know adverts are part of on demand TV but 12 - 13 minutes of them seems somewhat excessive. I guess this is more a UKTV thing as i have watched some other stuff where you only get a couple of minutes or in some cases none at all   

Would appreciate it if someone could have a look and see why the volume of the actual program is so low


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mark_a_carpente, 

Thanks for taking the time to post on our Community

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the Volume when watching Elementary on demand. If the issue is only with this particular program and is not happening with all channels/programmes or the ads, it certainly suggests that it is the programme itself and therefore not something we would be able to help with. 

You can try feeding this back to the Channel provider itself along with the ad feedback too as this is also something we wouldn't have any control over. 

If you start to notice this happening across all channels then please come back and we will do our best to help further. 


Forum Team

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It seems to be anything on Alibi mainly. Get it to a lesser extent on some Yesterday programs

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response there,

So just to clarify no other channels are facing the same low volume issue?



Dialled in

Does not seem to no. I watched a Sky on demand program a week ago and been watching a channel 5 program this week and that is also ok. I mean the adverts are at a slightly higher volume than the program, but I don't have to turn the TV right up to hear it in the first place

Thanks for confirming, mark_a_carpente.

If this isn't happening on all channels, then it may be a problem with the broadcast at the time, or the content itself. We've raised it with our TV Team, to check our signal. However, as it's only on a couple of channels, you may wish to contact the content provider(s) directly, who will be able to check the full broadcast.


Reece - Forum Team

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Tuning in

Yeah I have that when I watch dark winds on UKTV play 

it’s happen when you don’t even change channel, though it is an app. I have it happen on BBC sometimes though when the have an umm “ADVERT” for baking or dancing etc.  so it’s 50% the broadcasters are not being regulated and 50% something to do with TiVo?