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box m59 error

Hi apps and red button crash my tivo box youtube app and the btsport red button crash my box to a snowy grey screen this locks the box up remote doesnt work, i have to power cycle the box, now the box has rebooted its gave a message installing new software, the box reboots, now all my settings have gone favs list etc and it gives the message the tvguide only has 2 days listings left to record programmes your box is not connected to the virgin media service connect now. it goes through various settings connected all pass connect ok. message comes up again tvguide only has 2 days listings left to record programmes. future progs movies will not record, is it a service error or a box problem. S65 AREA  - thank you 

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Re: box m59 error

From what I can understand of your post, your box has performed a full-blown software reset otherwise known as "self-destruct". If your recordings and series links have been wiped clean, then I don't think you're getting those back anytime soon. You can check under the "recently deleted folder", but this is more in hope than expectation.

You've posted in the V6 forum but talked about a TiVo. The two boxes are slightly different, and some advice will differ. If you're not sure which you have, you can check on this page 

To get your TV Guide back, you can follow Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Network > Connect to Virgin Media service now. If this fails, then we'll need to know which box you have to help further.

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